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Carpet Dry Cleaning Melbourne

Servicing Melbourne and surrounding areas // Residential & Business Cleaning

Professional Carpet Dry Cleaning Melbourne

Because people walk over your carpets day after day, large amounts of dust, sand, and contaminants building up are inevitable. While your vacuum will provide a superficial cleaning, it fails to get into the depths where real cleaning transformation occurs. To get deep into these fabrics for the thorough clean you’re really after, you’ll need our trusted Melbourne carpet dry cleaning service.

And that’s where SSR comes in. We use professional equipment to remove all the stains, dust and harmful contaminants that get left behind. Because we use 90% less water than a steam clean, your carpet will immediately be dry and ready for use again. Less use of water also means there is less chance for mould and mildew growth underneath your carpet.

Since we don’t add any chemicals, you don’t have to worry about harmful residues. We are focused on eliminating the unhealthy and unwanted elements from your home and only use all natural, green cleaning solutions. Afterall, our main priority is to get you a clean home that is healthy for you and your family.


Experience a healthier house

At SSR, we are passionate about carpet dry cleaning in Melbourne and its surrounding regions. Why? Because a clean carpet offers a healthier environment that you deserve. Because carpets are soft and fuzzy, they’re a breeding ground for allergens and pollutants. Therefore, freeing your carpet from these nasties will improve your indoor air quality and ensure your floors are free from contaminants. Feel the benefits of fresh, cool air entering your lungs unpolluted by contaminants.

SRR has become a trusted service for dry carpet cleaning in Melbourne after helping thousands of households. We are experienced cleaners and have the skills and knowledge necessary to make your carpets and environment healthy again. Whether it’s the carpet flooring in your office or house, we’ll give you a fantastic result without leaving a wet carpet behind.


How does our carpet dry cleaning service work?

First of all, we pre-vacuum your carpet to remove all the remaining dust and sand. To do this, we use industrial equipment which reliably removes all of the dry dirt from your carpet and opens up the fibres for thorough cleaning.
Secondly, we apply our special dry cleaning products to your carpet to extract its excess of bacteria. We use professional stain removal products for the areas that are especially dirty, so we can get all the stains and spots out.

Afterwards, we’ll use our carpet dry cleaning technology to give your carpet an exceptional clean. All dirt is lifted out of your carpet. Additionally, this technology will remove all the pollutants and bring your carpet back to its original colour and condition.

Lastly, we’ll groom your carpet to make it shine again. By going over your carpet, we will return its natural pattern again. This will also help your carpet to dry faster, so you can enjoy the results of your clean carpet in no time.



Carpet Dry Cleaning Melbourne