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Residential Cleaning Melbourne

Servicing Melbourne and surrounding areas // Residential & Business Cleaning

Nobody likes to come home to a messy house, but life can be so consuming that your cleaning gets left behind. Rest assured, SSL has THE solution.

Save time that you could be spending with friends, family and fun by hiring our local Melbourne residential cleaning service.

As experienced cleaners, we’ll take care of vacuuming, mopping and scrubbing duties. We promise you spotless counters, dusted coffee tables and vacuumed floors fit for royalty!

Relax and enjoy a clean and fresh feeling as we transform your home into a warm and happy palace. Our SSR team comes whenever suits you and you can decide if you want to stick around or leave the house while we’re on the job. We promise you an efficient and professional Melbourne residential cleaning service unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

All of our cleaners work with a high level of care and attention to detail. Our Melbourne residential cleaning expertise has resulted in a bucket-load of happy customers that are satisfied with our affordable cleaning service. Because we’re perfectionists and eager to impress our customers, you never have to second guess the quality of our residential cleaning service.


What does our residential cleaning Melbourne service include?

Our SSR team consist of experienced cleaners who’ll take good care of your property. We wear many hats and are trained in a wide range of cleaning services. For residential cleaning, here are a few things that we always focus on:

  • Sanitising surfaces
  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Dusting
  • Polishing
  • Carpet cleaning

We also offer personalized cleaning packages to ensure you’re happy with our cleaning routine. Advise your cleaner of any additional tasks you’d like to happen so you can get the parts clean that really matter to you.

For example, we can assist when your windows are covered in greasy fingerprints, or if you have a big party planned and you don’t want to deal with all the cleaning.

Most importantly, we’re very flexible and can come in for a one-off cleaning whenever suits you. Just contact us for a free quote and we’ll easily organize your very own Melbourne residential cleaning service with ease.


A clean house is a happy house

What beats the feeling of coming home to a clean house that feels fresh and smells nice? We can’t really think of anything. That’s why we’d like to help create a warm and safe environment just for you. Feel the relief of not having to worry about germs, dust and irritating smears that will be safely and thoroughly removed by our dedicated Melbourne Residential Cleaning team.

We offer complete professional cleaning and sanitising of your bedroom, living room, bathroom and other spaces. In your kitchen, we’ll wipe off the surfaces and clean your kitchen appliances. We’ll clean the cupboards and make your sinks and taps shine again. Our team turns your home into a spotless palace, offering outstanding service at an affordable price.

Residential Cleaning Melbourne