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Vacate Cleaning Melbourne

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Vacate Cleaning Melbourne


Even with the excitement that comes with moving houses, moving can be a stressful period. We can take one of those worries off your shoulders by providing an end-of-lease cleaning that leaves your house in an untouched condition. We have a deep understanding of the concept of cleanliness and promise you a thorough cleaning of your property that will meet the standards of your real estate agency. And if you don’t have to focus on cleaning, you can take care of all the other preparations.
We know what landlords like to see. We’ve worked with so many of them that we know their soft spots when it comes to cleaning. And of course, we’re a team of experienced cleaners dedicated to tidy your place up again. We’ll start right on time to fit your schedule and help everything move along smoothly. And don’t worry, we’ve seen the dusty web in that unreachable place that you’ve been avoiding for years or the dirty corner in the bathroom that you can’t get clean anymore.

What’s included?

We provide a vacate cleaning for your bathroom, where we clean tiles and sanitise your floors and walls. SRR polishes your sinks and tabs and removes stains from every surface, from your mirror to your cupboards. We scrub tiles, grout, showers and baths and leave your toilet disinfected and sanitised.

In your kitchen, often the most used room in the house, we can assist by cleaning your kitchen appliance. We clean your tools inside and out, so you’ll finally have those stains removed from even your refrigerator. We dust and clean all your cupboards and closets and make your bench look shiny and fresh again.

We’ll pick up and discard any remaining rubbish we find in the house and give your walls a wipe to remove any stains. Our professionals will remove any cobwebs that they see and we’ll check your windows and door frames for mould. We’ll wash hardwood, linoleum or tile floors and we’ll vacuum all carpets. Finally, we’ll dust about every surface of your house: from the window blinds to the ceiling fans.

Vacate Cleaning Melbourne’s Bond Back Guarantee

Don’t miss out on your bond by unsatisfying cleaning jobs. We offer a 100% bond back guarantee, where we meet your landlord’s or agency’s cleaning standards. With our skills and experience, we know what’s expected and if we don’t get it right the first time, we’ll come back to do it again.

How we get your bond back:

  • We offer steam cleaning for carpet flooring so your carpet looks brand new again
  • Tile and grout cleaning is included for bathrooms and kitchens to get rid of mould
  • We use industrial vacuuming equipment that no regular vacuum can beat
  • Dusting, polishing and sanitising in every room of the house and we won’t forget to look at door frames or fans
  • We have the right equipment and products to remove even the toughest stains
  • We can even satisfy the trickiest landlords and agencies you can think of
  • Our team keeps coming back until we’ve got it perfectly right

Moving out? Let SSR get their hands dirty. We clean your home and guarantee that you get your bond back – so you can take care of other preparations.

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